Birds and Small Animals


We pride ourselves on our extensive selection of bird seeds and competitive prices. With 20kg bags of wild bird seed starting at £8.99 and 20kg of sunflower hearts at £24.00, we have customers travelling from far and wide for our great prices! Not only do we do bulk bags we also have a large range of pre-packed small bags.

For the small animal owner we have a good assortment of food, bedding and accessories at very reasonable prices. One of our most popular products being our locally grown and produced, pre-packed, large bags of barley straw and meadow hay.

Please note that all prices on this web site are subject to change without notice and were correct at the time of publication. We make every possible effort to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date product details, and we are more than happy to confirm any prices or special offers by telephone or email.


Supreme Wild Bird Mix 2kg £1.80
Supreme Wild Bird Mix 4kg £3.20
Supreme Wild Bird Mix
** Special Offer **
20kg £8.99
No Mess Wild Bird Mix 15kg £24.00
Peanut Kernels 2kg £4.20
Peanut Kernels 4kg £7.70
Peanut Kernels 25kg £36.00
Sunflower Hearts 2kg £3.75
Sunflower Hearts 20kg £24.00
Black Sunflower Seeds 1.5kg £2.25
Black Sunflower Seeds 12.75kg £9.99
Niger Seeds 2kg £4.00
Niger Seeds 25kg £27.00
Meal Worms 5kg £55.00
Fat Balls - Box of 100
** Special Offer **


Foreign Finch Mix 20kg £20.50
50/50 Budgie Mix 20kg £20.50
Quality Budgie Mix 20kg £22.50
Mixed Canary Mix 20kg £24.00
Parrot Mix 12.5kg £17.50
Harrison's Premier Parrot Mix 15kg £37.00
Parakeet and Cockatiel Mix 20kg £22.00


Own Brand Ferret Food 1.5kg £3.50
Own Brand Ferret Food 15kg £21.00


Jolly Roger Rabbit Mix 3kg £3.00
Jolly Roger Rabbit Mix 12.5kg £6.50
Excel Tasty Nuggets Adult Rabbit
** Special Offer **
10kg £12.99
Excel Adult Rabbit 2kg £3.75
Excel Adult Rabbit 4kg £6.00
Excel Junior and Dwarf Rabbit 2kg £4.25
Excel Junior and Dwarf Rabbit 10kg £17.50
Excel Guinea Pig 2kg £4.75
Excel Guinea Pig 4kg £7.50
Excel Guinea Pig
** Special Offer **
10kg £18.50


Excel Dandelion and Marigold Herbage
** Special Offer **
1kg £3.85
Excel Chamomile Herbage 500g £1.99
Jumbo Bag - Hay £2.75
Jumbo Bag - Straw £2.30
Jumbo Bag - Woodchips £2.75