Fish Food and Carp Bait

As with everything we stock, we have sourced a wide range of excellent value quality fish food. We sell tubs, bags, and sacks of pond pellets and flakes, and we also stock a broad selection of particle baits for fisherman.

Please note that all prices on this web site are subject to change without notice and were correct at the time of publication. We make every possible effort to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date product details, and we are more than happy to confirm any prices or special offers by telephone or email.


Pond Sticks - Low Density 5kg £15.00
Pond Sticks - Ultra Low Density 1.5kg £7.50
Pettex Koi Sticks 1kg £5.00
Pettex Koi Sticks 5kg £16.50
Wheatgerm Pond Sticks 3kg £9.75
Carp Pond Sticks 10kg £16.50


Carp Pond Pellets 10kg £16.50
Coarse Fish Sinking Pellets (All Sizes) 2kg £4.95
Halibut Pellets (All Sizes) 2kg £5.50
Whole Maize 2kg £1.80
Hemp 2kg £3.50
Carp Bait Hemp 15kg £23.50
Pigeon Economy Corn 2kg £1.90
Pigeon Economy Corn 20kg £10.00
Pigeon Conditioner Seed 2kg £3.20
Pigeon Conditioner Seed 12.5kg £10.75