At Tower Animal Feeds we have a large selection of products for the small holder. We can cater for all of your poultry needs from layers pellets to feeders and drinkers to health supplements and treats. We also stock products for pigs, ducks, geese, sheep, goats, cows and even llamas and alpacas. With the small holder products being such a growing trend if there are any products we do not stock we will always try our hardest to source them for you.

At Tower Animal Feeds we have all you could need feed, forage, bedding, supplements and accessories wise. With products ranging from everyday, economy prices to top of the range products.

Please note that all prices on this web site are subject to change without notice and were correct at the time of publication. We make every possible effort to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date product details, and we are more than happy to confirm any prices or special offers by telephone or email.


Mixed Corn 20kg £8.85
Whole Maize 20kg £9.40
Kibbled Maize 20kg £12.00
Cleaned Feed Wheat 20kg £8.70
Bran 20kg £7.50
Everyday Layers Pellets 20kg £7.99
Farmyard Layers Pellets 20kg £8.65
Farmyard Layers Mash 20kg £8.65
Chick Crumbs 20kg £11.15
Growers Pellets 20kg £8.90
Duck and Goose Pellets 20kg £9.50
Turkey Grower Pellets 25kg £12.70
Turkey Finisher Pellets 25kg £11.80
Pig Grower No.2 Cubes 20kg £8.70
Sow Rolls 20kg £8.65
Sow Cubes 20kg £8.35
Ewe Care Cubes 25kg £11.25
All Round Goat Mix 20kg £11.35
Pygmy Goat Mix 15kg £11.30
Fancy Feed Goat Mix 20kg £10.50
Oystershell Grit 25kg £8.00
Mixed Hen Grit 25kg £6.75


Feeder 1.5kg £POA
Feeder 3kg £12.99
Feeder 6kg £15.80
Drinker 1.3lt £4.99
Drinker 4lt £13.99
Drinker 8lt £18.00